27% THC


Pink Gelato is the product of a triple cross between Pink Kush, Sunset Sherbert, and Mint Girlscout Cookie strains. Though like the Platinum Girl Scout Cookies strain, Pink Gelato has its own very special qualities. As one of the more potent cookies weed strain available, Pink Gelato packs a stronger punch than Platinum Girl Scout. If this AAAA+ grade strain doesn’t make you fall in love with its looks, Pink Gelato’s effects will surely leave a lasting memory behind each inhale. A mild and calming buzz sets in soon after you spark the Pink Gelato joint. Within a few short minutes, the heavy effects begin to set into your body and mind. Unlike other indica strains with heavy couch lock effects, Pink Gelato is one of the few cookies weed that doesn’t make its users too sedated. Instead, the powerful cerebral rush often brings out a more energizing and positive mood in its users. For medical cannabis patients, Pink Gelato does an excellent job at lifting moods and treating depression.



7 Grams